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Industry Leaders in Large-Scale Wood Framing

Providing year-round service in Minneapolis & St. Paul metro areas.

About Twin City Framers

In 2008, Michael Staples and Duane Stark used their 50 years of combined experience to establish Twin Cities Framers. Over the past 10 years our company has grown from a small crew, with a handful of tools, to over 80 employees. We have gained a lasting reputation throughout the Twin Cities by ensuring superior customer service, a safe and productive work environment, and an ideal work space and culture for our employees. Our area of expertise is largest scale wood framed projects, such as apartments, hotels and retirement homes. Our primary focus is to complete each project exceeding expectations, which we define as high quality work that is delivered on or before schedule, at or under an agreed upon budget.

Work With Us

Large scale projects take a great amount of expertise, time, and money. At Twin City Framers, we put all our efforts into providing the highest level of quality work to produce a superior end product. Our employees go through training and an advancement process to ensure they acquire all skills needed to complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. In 2018 alone, we framed a total of 1,818,000 square feet in the Metro area and completed a total of 11 multi-family housing projects. Our crews are comprised of 18-20 highly skilled and trained framers and we use the best equipment which includes 12 mini-tower cranes and over 26 forklifts. We feel very fortunate and value the lasting relationships we have made on our journey to becoming the sole industry leader in large scale wood framing throughout the Twin Cities.

Work For Us

At Twin City Framers, our main priority is providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. We understand the major importance of a positive work space and company culture because that is what fuels productivity. We offer excellent benefits, on-the-job training and are willing to pay experienced carpenters and framers more than anyone else in the industry. We work year-round, 5 days a week with overtime opportunities and areas for growth.