Safety & Training

Twin City Framers Puts Safety First

Safety is our top priority at Twin City Framers. To ensure that our employees are able to go home every night to their families, we run a fully compliant OSHA program on every job site. With that, we also provide state-of-the-art safety equipment, including harnesses, retractables, anchor points, and more. To constantly reinforce our safety standards, we train each employee on their first week on the company’s safety program and policies. Partnered with our safety training, we hold weekly safety meetings on every job, covering numerous topics, to keep our employees up to date on safety policies and maintain a pipeline of knowledge regarding safety. To ease the minds of our foreman and superintendents, we have a safety director who is responsible for maintaining our standards for safety on every single job we operate on. With all of this, above all else, we expect our employees to take it amongst themselves to not only keep themselves safe, but their fellow coworkers around them safe as well.

Twin City Framers Provides Top-Tier Training

At Twin City Framers, we provide our Five Training Program. This program is designed to take a novice carpenter to a journeyman carpenter in five years. Within those five years, our employees learn to successfully lead our 4 key areas of production: walls (interior exterior), bracing, floor plywood, and floor joist. The main purpose of this program is to not only to help train our employees and help build their careers, but to aid production. Using our standard production method, each crew operates the same way ensuring all the guess work is eliminated on every job site. Our training is also beneficial to experienced carpenters because it not only helps to streamline the learning curve of our company’s standard operating procedure, but it also helps if they get paired with a novice carpenter as they are not solely responsible for training them.

Our goal is to work with every new employee right from the start, providing training week one. We focus on three key areas, which we call, PPQ, Production, Performance, & Quality. By following the written policies and hands-on training provided by our training officers, you are eligible for a raise, up to $1.50, every 1000 hours worked, roughly every 7 months.

There are written policies in place that we teach you to familiarize yourself with the material and practices we use. We reinforce and establish these policies with bags-on training from our training department.

Luke Harvey, Training Director

Ready to Put Your Skills to Work?

Our training program is beneficial to carpenters and framers of all different skill sets and with the right attitude, effort, and attendance we can train new employees to become journeymen. Join us as we continually grow our family and apply today.